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This is outdated documentation made for eZ Publish Platform 5.2. It is being moved into the eZ Publish 5.x documentation, so please go there for most up-to-date documentation.

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These rewrite rules are described in the documentation of the eZ JS Core extension, but since this extension is bundled with eZ Publish and plays an important part of the installation process, the eZ JS Core rewrite rules are described here as well.

Rewrite rules for lib folder

The eZ JSCore extension requires correct rewrite rules in order to load the necessary yui (yahoo user interface) files from the file system. This is required only when the INI setting "ezjscore.ini[eZJSCore]LoadFromCDN" is set to disabled.
Add the following line to your Virtual-Host setup:

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^/extension/[^/]+/design/[^/]+/(stylesheets|flash|images|lib|javascripts?)/.* - [L]

Rewrite rules for script/css packing

eZ JsCore packs javascript/css files together to decrease the number of server requests and reduce file size for faster download. On eZ Publish 4.0.x you'll need to make the following changes if you haven't already when installing ezoe (Online Editor 5.0).

  •  .htaccess


    No Format
    RewriteRule !\.(gif|jpe?g|png|css|js|html)|var(.+)storage.pdf(.+)\.pdf$ index.php


    No Format
    RewriteRule !(\.(gif|jpe?g|png|css|js|html?)|var(.+)storage.pdf(.+)\.pdf)$ index.php


  • Virtual Host mode


    No Format
    RewriteRule ^/var/([^/]+/)?cache/public/.* - [L]

    If you do not manage to get these working, you can disable this feature by setting ezjscore.ini[eZJSCore]Packer=disabled.