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eZ Publish (5.x)

eZ Publish 5.x | For eZ Platform & eZ Studio topics see Technical manual and User manual, for eZ Publish 4.x and Legacy topics see eZ Publish legacy

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eZ Publish is developed to work properly and support the following browser configurations for administrator users:

    Firefox: Latest
  • Mozilla® Firefox®, most recent stable version

  • . Tested
  • (tested on Firefox

  • 16. 
  • Google Chrome: Latest stable version. Tested on Chrome 21”
  • Internet Explorer: 8 & 9. Tested on IE 9
  • Safari: 6. Tested on Safari 6.0 on Mac OSX 10.8
  • 23). eZ makes every effort to test and support the most recent version of Firefox.  

  • Google Chrome™, most recent stable version (tested on chrome 29). Chrome applies updates automatically; eZ makes every effort to test and support the most recent version.

  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer® versions 9, and 10. We recommend using the latest version.

  • Apple® Safari® 6.x on Mac OS X. Apple Safari on iOS isn’t supported.

Please note that the interface will display and behave optimally in any browser that supports HTML 5.0, CSS 3.0 and ECMAScript 5. If these technologies are not supported the system will gracefully appear with simpler design/layout but will still be accessible through standard/default HTML elements.