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eZ Publish (5.x)

eZ Publish 5.x | For eZ Platform & eZ Studio topics see Technical manual and User manual, for eZ Publish 4.x and Legacy topics see eZ Publish legacy

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This page represent a comparison between Legacy Stack vs 5.x StackNew Stack (aka Symfony Stack, aka 6.x Stack).
This means that features mentioned on the black list is are still available in 5.1x, but only via legacy kernel so you will need to use only legacy or a mix of both. 


Feature4.x nameNotes
Content Model 5.x aimed at not adding any features in the content/data model to make sure no breaks happened in 4.x, new features will instead be introduced as we approach 6.x with new storage engines that can support them
Content(Content) Object


Content RelationsObject Relations 
Field(Content) AttributeMissing FieldTypes will cause eZ Publish to return exception, this can be avoided by implementing<TODO:Link to article on this> the FieldType or configuring it as "NullType"
FieldTypeDataTypeSee FieldTypes for list of supported types, known unsupported FieldTypes are mentioned in Known issues




ContentType(Content) Class 
FieldDefinition(Content) Class Attribute 
FieldGroups(Content) Class Attribute Grouping 
UserGroup Can by design (and intention) only have one location in 5.x
Policy Limitation  
Role Limitation  
Role Assignment Currently not possible to delete specific assignment by id
REST 5.1 and higher includes a working read/write REST v2 API
Development environmentDevelopment mode 
Web stack 5.x web stack is Symfony with several 4.x features on top
(Twig) Template system(eZ) Template system 
View ProviderOverride systemRestricted to viewLocation in 5.0 and additionally viewContent in 5.1
Theme systemDesign systemPlanned Initially planned for 5.2 using LiipThemeBundle, but not in yet and postponned to 5.3.
HTTP CacheView- / Static- CacheFor anonymous users in 5.0/5.1, for all users using "userHash" in 5.2
Site(Access)Groupingn/aNew in 5.x
CSRFeZ FormTokenProvided by Symfony
Persistence cacheCluster- / Class- / ClassAttribute- / var- / "Global"- cacheIntroduced in 5.1, currently missing support for multi repository setups
IOCluster (-ing of files)Currently uses 4.x cluster system in the backend, new and simpler file clustering is possible when new storage engine is created in the future
Multi RepositoryMulti-dbSome features, notably Persistence cache is currently not supported for these setups, this and better support for this feature is planned for 5.2/5.3


RatingUser Rating not currently supported by API, planned to be implemented later when some convention for FieldType provided API's are established
ShopNo shop or field(/data) types related to shop currently supported by API or planned to be supported by API (plan is to provide general integration points for use with other (Symfony based) shopping systems or potentially home brewed systems)
Commentezcomments is not supported by API, and is not planned to be supported either. Instead of having it part of the API, we are replacing it in 5.2 with a bundle that will provide an agnostic system to integrate 3rd party comment services. It will out of the box show Disqus and Facebook integration but can also integrate other 3rd party as well as home made or even, why not, a port of the legacy eZ Comment system (which is not the way we will pursue for the product).
Content EditingContent editing module is not implemented yet, so currently only raw editing support needs to be implemented on top of REST/Public API directly or on top of the JS library that wrap the REST API and expose it to javascript code simply.
Module PermissionsController / Bundle Permissions is not integrated with eZ Publish permission system yet, currently standard Symfony firewall rules need to be used
UrlAlias RoutingUrlAlias has the same model as before and hence does not support routing directly to a bundle:controller:action
WorkflowPlanned for future version
Information CollectorPlanned to return as a new Form feature in future versions
Package systemPlanned to return as a import/export system which uses either API or SPI directly to replicate some or full amount of content from one repository to another
Menu managementCould be re introduced in the future as a multi site safe Site configuration feature
PDF ExportNot currently planned, should be re-implemented outside of Core
RSS feedsCurrently no API for managing RSS feeds
Frontend Editing

See "Content Editing".

Be aware that eZ Flow timeline feature is not available in the legacy admin (only in front end editing), hence not usable on the new stack.

SearchSearch API exists, but front end is currently using legacy fallback and 5.x Solr implementation is currently not finished yet
User moduleUser login, login handlers, change-password, forgot-password, register, profile and editing currently uses legacy fallback
Oauth 1.0/2.0(REST)
Extensions(aka Bundles)
eZ TagsWe are working on either integrating more deeply eZ tags or rebuilding a solution as part of the API. (note: eZ Tags is not clearly supported in 4.x)
eZ SIeZ SI is purely legacy, not required in Symfony as it support ESI natively. We lost a differentiation for the Enterprise version here
eZ Content stagingNo equivalent yet on the new stack
eZ Style editorNo equivalent on the new stack. Because Mamut-like project it is not anymore our core focus, we will not reimplement as is but might build solutions on top of the theming support. It wont be similar.
eZ SurveyNo equivalent yet on the new stack