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eZ Publish 5.x | For eZ Platform & eZ Studio topics see Technical manual and User manual, for eZ Publish 4.x and Legacy topics see eZ Publish legacy

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Comment: Insert space in domain names to relfect how it is used in REST and BDD and language, as opposed to class names


5.x Feature4.x FeatureNote/Limitation
Content Model
5.x aimed at not adding any features in the content/data model that would lead to backwards compatibility breaks, new features will instead be introduced when we reach "eZ Platform 1.0" and beyond.
Content*(Content) Object


(Content) Relation(Object) Relation 
Field(Object) AttributeMissing FieldTypes will cause eZ Publish to return exception, this can be avoided by implementing<TODO:Add link when article on this> the FieldType or configuring it as "NullType"FieldType
Field TypeDataTypeData TypeSee FieldTypes reference for list of supported types, known unsupported FieldTypes are mentioned in Known issues




ContentTypeContent Type(Content) Class FieldDefinition
Field Definition(Content) Class Attribute FieldGroups
Field Groups(Content) Class Attribute Grouping ObjectState
Object StateObjectState UrlAlias
Url Alias  UrlWildcard
Url Wildcard  
User  UserGroup
User Group Can by design (and intention) only have one location in 5.x when using Public API UserService
Policy  PolicyLimitation
Policy Limitation  
Role  RoleLimitation
Role Limitation  RoleAssignment
Role Assignment Currently not possible to delete specific assignment by id, can be deleted by Role and User.
Public APIn/aLegacy/4.x does not have a official public API, almost all internal functions are exposes publicly
REST API 5.1 and higher includes a working read/write REST v2 API, 4.x had a readonly REST v1 API as of 4.5
Development environmentDevelopment modeIn 5.x this is provided by Symfony, and web debugger is extended by eZ Publish.
Web stack 5.x web stack is Symfony with several eZ features on top
(Twig) Template system(eZ) Template system ViewProvider
View ProviderOverride systemRestricted to viewLocation in 5.0, viewContent added in 5.1, for changing presentation logic.
Controller overriden/a5.2 added feature for being able to also use override system of View Provider to also be able to override content controller under your own conditions to be able to modify behavior.
Theme systemDesign systemPlanned to use LiipThemeBundle, however as there is lack of caching and support for assets currently which is blocking us from using it easily.
HTTP CacheView- / Static- CacheFor anonymous users with content aware caching since 5.0, also for logged in users with context aware caching since 5.2
SiteAccessSite AccessSite accessCustom Url, host, port and combination matching to a specific set of settings
SiteAccessGroupSite Access Groupn/aNew in 5.x, grouping of related SiteAccesses and common settings for them, typically used to denote a "Site"
CSRFeZ FormTokenProvided by Symfony
Render + Query / API usefetch functionsCombining the render functionality of Symfony with Override system and API you are able to create reusable views of your content similarly to how you would use fetch functions in the past, but getting cache and view / logic separation handled in a native way.
Persistence cacheCluster- / Class- / ClassAttribute- / var- / "Global"- cacheIntroduced in 5.1, multi repository (aka multi-db) setups support added in 5.2.
IOCluster (-ing of files)Currently uses 4.x cluster system, new and simpler file clustering is planned for "eZ Platform 1.0" however this is abstracted away by the API and will only affect how cluster setups are configured.
Multi repositoryMulti-dbSupported, however see note on "Persistence cache", as of 5.3 with own "repository" configuration.