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This is outdated documentation made for eZ Publish Platform 5.2. It is being moved into the eZ Publish 5.x documentation, so please go there for most up-to-date documentation.

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In the default kickstart file, everything is commented out. The blocks and the corresponding settings have to be uncommented in order to take effect. This can be done by removing the hash ("#") characters from the start of the lines that you should be activated. Make sure that there are no leading whitespace characters at the start of the lines.

titlePackage selection

If you want configure the package to install, in [site_types].Site_package, please ensure you set a valid package identifier.
Valid values are

  • ezdemo_site
  • ezdemo_site_clean

If setting an invalid package identifier, unexpected issues can occur. 

Configuration parameters

Each parameter takes a text string as an input value. Some parameters are able to handle an array of strings. The following examples demonstrate the two parameter types.