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What is eZ Publish Platform?

eZ Publish Platform is a highly extensible Enterprise Open-Source Content Management System/Framework, based on the Symfony2 framework (starting version 5.0). In its default Enterprise offering, eZ Publish Platform, it is extended to provide full CXM capabilities, bundled with support services, provided as an LTS release with first access to security updates and regular fully tested maintenance releases.

eZ Publish Platform is the most stable and feature-complete solution by eZ. eZ just introduced its next generation of content management solution that will take over eZ Publish Platform progressively in the coming year: eZ Platform and eZ Studio. Check the widget on the right to discover them.

titleNew! eZ Platform and eZ Studio currently in beta

eZ will roll out its biggest release in over a decade, eZ Platform and eZ Studio, at the end of 2015, with progressive development throughout 2016 and beyond. Based on the Symfony2 full stack framework, eZ Platform offers developers a fully open and extensible CXM core with fully featured APIs. eZ Studio, a commercial offering, rests on top of eZ Platform and simplifies how content editors manage landing pages. Together, eZ Platform and eZ Studio make up eZ Enterprise, eZ's new enterprise offering, which is bundled with support services.

Check out the main resources available for now (to be extended):

titleLooking for 4.x documentation ?

You will find the 4.x documentation in the legacy part of the documentation.