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eZ Publish (5.x)

eZ Publish 5.x | For eZ Platform & eZ Studio topics see Technical manual and User manual, for eZ Publish 4.x and Legacy topics see eZ Publish legacy

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The dumped file will be too big and can cause an overhead for any request, even Cache.

Common errors

Cloning failed using an ssh key

When dealing with packages, you might get this if you somehow tell composer to download dev packages, or tell it to download from source. Currently our service only support distribution packages in alpha stability or higher, so make sure to check what stability and avoid use of --prefer-source (this is the reason examples above are using --prefer-dist).

Best practice for Bundles


  • For defining "type", the following are at the moment known valid values:
    • ezpublish-legacy-extension | For standalone 4.x (legacy) extensions, to be used with ezpublish-legacy-installer
    • ezpublish-bundle | For eZ Publish Platform 5.x bundles, may optionally be a "legacy bundle".
    • symfony-bundle | Standard symfony bundles as described in Symfony doc.
  • For eZ Platform and eZ Studio there is also:
    • ezplatform-bundle | Symfony bundles that uses eZ Platform features (may also be used by bundles that work across 5.x and 6.x ezpublish-kernel)
    • ezstudio-bundle | Symfony bundles that uses eZ Studio features (and optionally also eZ Platform features)
      • Deprecated: Please use ezplatform-bundle and add dependencies on the ee packages you depend on instead.