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Comment: expanded info about scopes


Dynamic configuration can be resolved depending on a scope.

Available scopes are (in order of precedence) :

  1. global
  2. SiteAccess
  3. SiteAcces group
  4. default

It gives the opportunity to define settings for a given siteaccess, for instance, like in the legacy INI override system.

Available scopes are:

  1. global
  2. SiteAccess
  3. SiteAccess group
  4. default

The scopes are applied in the order presented. This means that global overrides all other scopes. If global is not defined, the configuration will then try to match a SiteAccess, and then a SiteAccess group. Finally, if no other scope is matched, default will be applied.

In short: if you want a match that will always apply, regardless of SiteAccesses use global. To define a fallback, use default.

This mechanism is not limited to eZ Publish internal settings (aka ezsettings namespace) and is applicable for specific needs (bundle related, project related, etc).