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We're moving our developer docs to Github and a new site.
The migration is still in progress, so please contact us in #documentation-contrib on eZ Community Slack if you have any questions or feedback.

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Version 1.0.x of Solr Bundle primarily aims to be used as replacement for Legacy (SQL-based) search engine for better scalability and performance (especially with field criteria and sort clauses). And while it also provides better full text search thanks to Solr, more advance search features like Faceting will come in later releases.


Table of Contents

What is Solr Search Engine Bundle?

ezplatform-solr-search-engine as the package is called, aims to be a transparent drop in replacement for the SQL based "Legacy" search engine powering Search API by default. By enabling Solr and re-indexing your content, all your exising Search queries using SearchService, will be powered by Solr automatically. This allows you to scale up your eZ Platform installation and be able to continue development locally against SQL engine, and have test infrastructure, Staging and Prod powered by Solr. Thus remove considerable load from your database so it can focus on more important things, like publishing (wink).

Se Architecture page for further information on the architecture of eZ Platform.

How to set up Solr Search engine