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eZ Publish 5.x | For eZ Platform & eZ Studio topics see Technical manual and User manual, for eZ Publish 4.x and Legacy topics see eZ Publish legacy

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titleAlternative: Running eZ Platform & eZ Platform Enterprise with Legacy Bridge

Did you know that you can also consider running eZ Publish legacy side by side with eZ Platform, and that this is supported together with eZ Publish Enterprise? It provides new features, improved security, simplified migration paths, fully supports PHP 7 (including 7.2 and higher), and can be a good alternative to 5.4 which does not receive new features anymore.

titleWhy PHP 7.2 and higher won't be officially supported on 5.4

PHP 7.x series adds has added more and more deprecations to cleanup the language for each new release. As 5.4 is a stable release, and one that has a legacy from way before PHP7 came to be, we can not risk BC breaks on 5.4 by attempting to fix these deprecations. However in the newer feature releases of eZ Publish legacy, support for this is progressively being added by both eZ and the community, making upgrading to eZ Platform 2.x 5LTS + legacy bridge 2.x + eZ Publish legacy 5.98 ("20182019.03.x ") a viable alternative, if you are up for small adapting your own extensions for changes in PHP as well.

So while we will try to make sure 5.4 is able to boot on higher version of PHP 7.x, it won't be officially supported for use 7.2 and higher in production. In practice this means if you hit issues which can be attributed to PHP version, and we can't fix it without breaking BC, then we will ask you to either upgrade eZ install or downgrade PHP.

Deprecation warnings


PHP7 is a large change to the PHP language, and while it does provide a real world 2x - 2.6x improvement in performance, we can not stress enough the importance of testing your whole site/application when upgrading. You should essentially regard it as a re-launch.