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ContentService::delete(ContentInfo $contentInfo)


Receipt 17 - Assinging section to content

On creation of content  the section of the parent location's content is assigned by default to the new content. However it is possible to assign a specific section on creation by setting it in the ContentCreateStruct (Receipt 5):

$contentCreateStruct->section = $sectionId

Later on sections can be assigned with the following code:

Code Block
titleassign section to content
        // get the content service from the repository
        $contentService = $repository->getContentService();
        // get the section service from the repsitory
        $sectionService = $repository->getSectionService();
        // get the user service from the repsitory
            // load the content info from the given content id
            $contentInfo = $contentService->loadContentInfo($contentId);
            // load the section
            $section = $sectionService->loadSection($sectionId);
            // assign the section to the content
            $sectionService->assignSection($contentInfo, $section);
            // realod an print out
            $contentInfo =  $contentService->loadContentInfo($contentId);
            // should show the new section id
        catch(\eZ\Publish\API\Repository\Exceptions\NotFoundException $e)
            // react on content or section not found
        catch(\eZ\Publish\API\Repository\Exceptions\UnauthorizedException $e)
            // react on permission denied