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eZ Publish (5.x)

eZ Publish 5.x | For eZ Platform & eZ Studio topics see Technical manual and User manual, for eZ Publish 4.x and Legacy topics see eZ Publish legacy

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Comment: Added section describing the new stuff in 5.0 from high level.

Welcome to the eZ Publish 5 'space', this area is dedicated to documenting eZ Publish 5.x, for 4.x and 3.x documentation x documentation go to to

titleWork in progress

We are currently working on adding documentation for eZ Publish 5 and defining the structure.

What is eZ Publish

eZ Publish is a an Enterprise Open-Source Content Management SystemContent Management System/Framework (CMS/F) at it's its core. It is highly extendable so with extensions it provides "WCMS"  capabilities and capabilities and it's default Enterprise offering as of version 5.0, "eZ Publish Platform", it is extended to provide full set of Customer of Customer Experience Management Management (CXM)  capabilities.capabilities.


What is new in eZ Publish 5.0

eZ Publish 5.0 represent a big step for eZ Publish, it has a whole new architecture. But most of it is under the hood in this release, there is no new user interfaces (UI), those are covered by existing 4.x UI which is now refered to as 'legacy'. If you're a developer and want to know more about this "Dual-kernel" approach, head over to the developer section.

New major features in eZ Publish 5.0:

  • Public API
  • REST API v2 (read and write)
  • Symfony2 based

In addition we have also bundled a preview of our Demo Site on top of the new architecture, so if do a new fresh install you will get this by default in front-end, but can turn it off by enabling "legacy_mode" in ezpublish.yml.