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eZ Publish (5.x)

eZ Publish 5.x | For eZ Platform & eZ Studio topics see Technical manual and User manual, for eZ Publish 4.x and Legacy topics see eZ Publish legacy

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5.1 Release Notes

eZ Publish 5.1 is our most Scalable, most Stable and most Feature Rich eZ Publish 5.x version & eZ Publish version to date. Either if you intend to start using the 5.x API & Symfony stack or if you plan to use legacy and pure 4.x functionality, this is our recommend LTS release.

Architecture overview as of 5.1

Just like 5.0, 5.1 consists of a “Dual-kernel”. On the left side you’ll see the legacy stack, an enhanced and stabilized version of the 4.x kernel. On the right side is the 5.x stack, with the arrows indicating some highlighted improvements made since 5.0.

Highlighted 5.1 features in 5.x stack

IO Clustering support for use with legacy DFS

This release brings the missing DFS clustering support in 5.x kernel allowing REST/Public API to be used in combination with clustered installation when dealing with binary files. [ PR, Doc ]

Persistence DB cache using Stash

This feature enhances performance and clustering scalability by sitting between the API and the database storage engine and in default setup cache everything but search queries lowering load of backend considerably. [ PR, Doc ]

eZPage (ezflow) FieldType read-only support

One of the steps done in this release that makes it possible to use 5.x stack fully for content rendering with standard fieldtypes without having to use legacy fallback as was the case in 5.0. [ PR, Doc ]

Small but big improvements in 5.x stack implemented in 5.1 

  • Varnish support in the HTTP Cache Purge system [PR, Doc]

  • Twig Helper (ezpublish & ezpublish.legacy global variable) [PR, Doc]

  • eZDate & eZTime FieldType support [PR, Doc]

  • Symfony Locale integration [PR, Doc]

  • Integrate Symfony2 CSRF protection with ezformtoken [PR, Doc]

  • Legacy cronjobs & scripts should be launchable from Symfony CLI [PR1, PR2, Doc]

  • Multisite with single content repository [PR, Doc]

  • GraphicsMagick support [PR, Doc]

  • Content type identifier criterion [PR, Doc]

  • Siteaccess compound matcher to be able to do host & url matching [PR1, PR2, Doc]

  • Update to Symfony 2.2 [PR, Doc, Blog Post]

  • Default layout for legacy content fallback configurable by SiteAccess [PR, Doc]

  • Add option to allow Twig template to override rendering of legacy requests [PR1]

  • REST support for session authentication with CSRF token support [PR1, PR2, Specifications, Doc]

  • Completed support for permissions and limitations [PR1, PR2]

  • Improved scalability of the legacy database [PR1, PR2, PR3]

  • Thousand small and medium improvements in Public API, REST API and Demo bundle, see full change-log below.

5.1 Changelog

 5.1 Changelog 

5.1 Known issues

Known issues in 5.1

Whats next?

With 5.1 out the door, our focus will shift more towards new 5.x based user interfaces while also enhancing the 5.x stack further for easier use, in no particular order:




Planned for


HTTP cache for logged in users, detailed performance tracking, use Symfony 2.3 Proxy services, profile & improve kernel


Symfony integration

Missing native login, full Bundle based permission integration, use Doctrine DBAL, ..


Content Scalability

Future improved database handler and File storage to cross the 1 million content object soft barrier


Clustering scalability

New stack configuration, improved database and file storage that can scale across many servers and datacenters, Async event handling with background daemon



Solr support w/ ezfind integration, REST Oauth support, WorkFlow, Subscription/Notification, Import/Export



Front end editing, UGC, language switcher, AdminBundle, EditorialBundle & Setup UI



Tags, Page (ezflow) write support, Matrix, Identifier, XmlText html5 (editing and REST) & easier XMLText custom tags, Improved Media/Binary field types for cloud storage/CDN needs

ExtensibilityCriterion, SignalSlots, REST server, Limitations, code generation, ..5.2/5.future


Content (Search, ..), webshop, InfoCollector, RSS, Staging, tip a friend, Rating



For much more fine grained and additional technical info on feature statues in 5.x compared to 4.x, see this community maintained Google spreadsheet.

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