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16th July 2014

eZ announces the availability of 5.3.2, a maintenance release available for all users of eZ Publish Platform 5.3 containing a notable few updates and fixes, as well as a security update in Symfony.

Newer release available

A newer release is available, rendering update instructions here obsolete and non working. Please see 5.3.x Update Instructions for always uptodate instructions for 5.3 releases.

5.3.2.x Micro updates

Additional Symfony 2.3.19 security update came on September 3rd with a small break in how yml files are parsed, ezpublish-kernel package was updated to v5.3.2.1 on September 4th to fix the issue. On September 26th ezpublish-kernel v5.3.2.2 came out to address some Composer issues with Zeta Components, further fixes is expected in v5.3.3.

Updating from a previous version of eZ Publish Platform 5.3

These instructions take advantage of the new composer powered update systems in 5.3 for maintenance updates, as for Upgrading from versions prior to 5.3 look at our Upgrading from 5.1 to 5.3 or Upgrading from 5.2 to 5.3 page.

Before you start, make sure you have Composer installed and familiarize yourself with the Using Composer page, also if upgrading from 5.3.0 and using Nginx make sure to upgrade your configuration as described in 5.3.1 Release Notes.

Updating Composer Packages selectively:

With this command you'll only update packages from eZ (and symfony) that have received updates since 5.3.0:

Note: Add "ezsystems/ezfind-ls", and "ezsystems/ezcontentstaging-ls" to the parameters to get latest version if you also use these extensions.

Package updates in this release

Here are the packages that have received an update as part of this release + security update in Symfony:

packageversionprior version

Notable known issues in this release:

Some issues have been identified in this release which should be mentioned specifically:

  • EZP-23019 - Date and Time attribute displays 1st january 1970 when no date is set Closed
  • EZP-23159 - Composer install/update sometimes have Fatal error during asset dump step Closed
  • EZP-23189 - Composer install/update fails on zetacomponents/base requirements Closed


Updates and fixes in this release

Key Summary Component/s
EZP-21481 Implement UrlStorage::deleteFieldData() Field types
EZP-22548 As an editor I want to know all I can about the comment features Documentation
EZP-23084 When authenticating, user should be redirected to DefaultPage if set Platform stack, Users and Access control
EZP-22776 Implement missing NewState Limitation Permissions
EZP-23053 Provide more information on FieldType not found exceptions Field types, Platform > API interfaces, Platform > Repository & Services (Public API impl)
EZP-23122 Inline document support for custom tag names Legacy > Extensions > eZ Online Editor
EZP-23134 Cache content load calls with translations Caching, Platform > SPI interfaces
EZP-21847 cannot generate autoloads/execute ezpublish:legacy:script if ezxFormToken class isn't found Legacy > Extensions > eZ Form Token, Platform stack
EZP-22454 Write CommentsBundle backoffice UI end-user doc Documentation
EZP-22546 Internal Server Error when uploading a file in a "Object Relations" attribute Legacy > Administration Interface, Legacy > Extensions > eZ JSCore
EZP-22552 REST Creating View returns 500 error Platform > REST API v2
EZP-22609 Access to /user/login should redirect to new login resource DemoBundle
EZP-22615 Not possible to remove an image from an object Content (images, XML, PDF, RSS, etc.)
EZP-22775 [API] Permissions should handle missing limitations better Permissions, Platform > Repository & Services (Public API impl)
EZP-22781 Exception when loading content with image with '/images-versioned/' path 5.x > Legacy IO, Content (images, XML, PDF, RSS, etc.)
EZP-22818 eZ Content Staging is not syncing child objects Legacy > Extensions > eZ Content Staging
EZP-22840 Error : Argument '$object' is invalid: Must be of type: ContentCreateStruct, ... Permissions, Platform > Repository & Services (Public API impl)
EZP-22859 Object Relations versions not saved correctly in Solr Legacy > Extensions > eZ Find
EZP-22863 Problem with the fix of EZP-22480 Misc
EZP-22909 Check file consistency failure on share/filelist.md5 Upgrading
EZP-22913 Removing version image aliases causes MySQL timeouts due to extremely high amount of queries. Database related, Platform > Persistence > Legacy Storage engine
EZP-22923 ezcontentobject_link table not cleared when a relations attribute is deleted from a class Database related
EZP-22937 Unable to get the width of a table pasted from Excel Legacy > Administration Interface, Legacy > Extensions > eZ Online Editor
EZP-22964 5.x API contentUpdate for eZXml adds entry to ezurl, but not to ezurl_object_link Platform > API interfaces
EZP-22969 Updating Content with Xml-/RichText adds entry to ezurl, but not to ezurl_object_link Field types, Platform > Persistence > Legacy Storage engine
EZP-22990 [Satis] composer install fails with 404 Not Found Composer, Upgrading
EZP-22999 XmlText and RichText do not implement FieldStorage::deleteFieldData() Field types, Platform > Persistence > Legacy Storage engine
EZP-23004 [CommentsBundle] Comments providers should be marked lazy Legacy > Extensions > eZ Comments
EZP-23025 Page field type Block can't be rendered using ESI strategy Field types, Platform stack
EZP-23028 eZObjectRelationList not considering the selected object Legacy > Administration Interface
EZP-23033 DefaultPage setting injected from eZ5 into legacy, but it can not be set via yml configuration
EZP-23037 Subtree criterion in content search does not scale (MySQL timeouts) Platform > Repository & Services (Public API impl)
EZP-23046 Pagelayout overrides for some kernel errors only work once
EZP-23056 Use locationSearch for topmenu instead of deprecated SortClause\Location DemoBundle
EZP-23057 viewContent response misses the X-Location-Id Platform stack
EZP-23064 Legacy script doesn't always receive --siteaccess option Legacy > Extensions > eZ Find, Platform > Search > Solr Search Engine, Platform stack
EZP-23071 Clicking on the eZIE edit button doesn't do anything Legacy > Extensions > eZ Image Editor, Legacy > Extensions > eZ JSCore
EZP-23074 Missing form token meta tags when browsing legacy modules Legacy > Extensions > eZ Form Token, Legacy > Extensions > eZ Image Editor, Platform stack
EZP-23088 Image information still displayed after removal Legacy > Administration Interface
EZP-23118 After updating to 5.3.2, version still shows 5.3.1 Install, Upgrading
EZP-23126 eZ Publish 5.3: redirect to /login on legacy mode returns module not found 5.x > Legacy IO
EZP-23141 5.3.2 Release notes mentions Symfony 2.3.16, when it should mention 2.3.<latests> Documentation
EZP-23155 5.3 Documentation went missing Documentation
EZP-23313 Yaml ParseException Composer, Platform stack