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April 21st 2015

eZ announces the availability of 5.3.5, a maintenance release available for all users of eZ Publish Platform 5.3 containing a notable few updates and fixes.

Newer release available

A newer release is available, rendering update instructions here obsolete and non working. Please see 5.3.x Update Instructions for always uptodate instructions for 5.3 releases.

Updating from a previous version of eZ Publish Platform 5.3

Update to 5.3.4 first before you continue with instructions below.

These instructions take advantage of the new Composer powered update systems in 5.3 for maintenance updates, so make sure you familiarize yourself with the Using Composer page.
For Upgrading from versions prior to 5.3 look at our Upgrading from 5.1 to 5.3 or Upgrading from 5.2 to 5.3 page.

1. Remove unneeded dependency causing conflicts 

Perform the following command to make sure you you are not affected by conflicts caused by this package:

2. Updating Composer Packages selectively

With this command you'll only update packages from eZ (and Symfony) that have received updates since 5.3.0:

If you use either ezsystems/ezfind-ls (eZ Find) or ezsystems/ezcontentstaging (eZ Content Staging), they can be added to the same list, or upgraded separately.

Legacy extensions autoload must be regenerated. You can do it by running this command:

php ezpublish/console ezpublish:legacy:script bin/php/ezpgenerateautoloads.php --extension

Security update

This release fixes a vulnerability in the eZ Publish password recovery function. You need to have the PHP OpenSSL extension (ext-openssl) installed to take full advantage of the improved security, but even without it security is improved.

eZ Find

An eZ Find user needs to update their solr schema.xml.

For each solr core (located in ezfind/java/solr), you need to edit <my-core-name>/conf/schema.xml

Around line 616, right after:

Add the following lines:

Restart and re-index solr.

Backward compatibility

 The XmlText fix for EZP-23513 (see deprecates/removes the CustomTags pre-converter in favor of a new Expanding converter. While they're not part of the public API, if you rely on this file in any way, you might want to check and update your code.

Package updates

Here are the packages that have received an update to 5.3.5 as part of this release:

packageversionprior version

Other packages that have received update since 5.3.0:



Updates and fixes in this release

Key Summary Component/s
EZP-22278 As a developer I need Criterion documentation Documentation
EZP-24206 As a Developer I want faster search, using spi cache & indexed columns Platform > Search > Legacy Search Engine, Search
EZP-23754 SPI Cache TrashHandler should clear cache after trashing/recovering Caching, Platform > SPI interfaces
EZP-23940 Decouple search handlers from Persistence Platform > Persistence > Legacy Storage engine, Platform > Search > Solr Search Engine, Search
EZP-23941 Move field map to storage Platform > Persistence > Legacy Storage engine, Platform > Search > Solr Search Engine, Search
EZP-24047 Allow skipping count db query when using SearchService against database Database related, Platform > API interfaces, Platform > Persistence > Legacy Storage engine, Search
EZP-24048 Don't clear legacy content cache on symfony cache:clear Caching, Legacy bridge, Platform stack
EZP-24092 Optimize queries to not perform count when not needed DemoBundle, Search
EZP-24213 FullText stopWordThreshold should be percentage of content count Platform > Search > Legacy Search Engine, Search
EZP-21586 ContentTypeService::createContentType() does not check for any permissions Permissions, Platform > API interfaces, Platform > Repository & Services (Public API impl)
EZP-21605 Version history Status column is missing data Legacy > Administration Interface
EZP-21686 ezinfo/copyright has extra "\" that don't allow the links to work
EZP-21721 Displaying an empty XMLText field outputs eZXML Field types, Platform stack
EZP-21831 eZFind: customfields with asObject=false Legacy > Extensions
EZP-23031 Allow really high file uploads, specially with 32 bits OSs Legacy > Clustering
EZP-23129 Search API: sorting by field filters the results Platform > Repository & Services (Public API impl), Search
EZP-23278 [Content Staging] Sync fails if you try to use the copy of an object Legacy > Extensions > eZ Content Staging
EZP-23280 [PHP-FPM&Apache] Server fault when logging to administration interface Legacy > Administration Interface
EZP-23302 Update Location fails if no change is performed with the update Platform > Repository & Services (Public API impl)
EZP-23403 Fix implementation of Persistence\Solr\Slot\MoveUserGroup slot Search
EZP-23513 in eZXMLText, a <P> tag is being add to a link when it surrounds an image Legacy > Extensions > eZ Online Editor
EZP-23624 Unable to change base translation when editing content Legacy > Administration Interface
EZP-23644 Provide filtering on hidden/visible status for multiple locations in content objetcs in eZ Find Legacy > Extensions > eZ Find
EZP-23701 table cell valign property in XmlText is not properly rendered Design (templates, CSS, etc.), Field types, Platform stack
EZP-23725 Wrong path_identification_string when editing in frontend siteaccess using PathPrefix and RootNode Legacy stack
EZP-23739 Files uploaded with multiupload will be download with the wrong Content-Type Legacy > Extensions > eZ MultiUpload
EZP-23747 Staging: whitespace in a a required text block field causes sync failure Legacy > Extensions > eZ Content Staging
EZP-23753 Incorrect node UrlAlias for (partially) untranslated objects
EZP-23812 vertical align in table cells is not visible in the editor Legacy > Extensions > eZ Online Editor
EZP-23829 Paragraph alignment ignored in legacy rendered frontend Design (templates, CSS, etc.)
EZP-23834 Cached ESI can not be shared among pages because of inner request Caching, Platform stack
EZP-23835 indexcontent.php cronjob pgsql columns must appear in group by Cronjobs
EZP-23840 eZFind: incorrect error handling in elevate configuration
EZP-23870 Async publishing reverts expiry.php Caching
EZP-23872 Query exception thrown when no language configured in siteaccess 5.x > Legacy IO
EZP-23879 ezinfo shows wrong copyright info after move to composer Composer
EZP-23884 Nginx template misses semicolon for most of the fastcgi_params Documentation
EZP-23889 RestProvider must check that is_rest_request is true Platform > REST API v2
EZP-23904 ezpublish_legacy_sso causes infinite redirect loop on /login Users and Access control
EZP-23906 The Public API allows to create content under a non container element Platform > Repository & Services (Public API impl), Platform > REST API v2
EZP-23908 expiry.php race condition Caching
EZP-23923 ESI/Hinclude URI too long with Compound siteaccess matcher Platform stack
EZP-23928 Preview cache not being updated Caching
EZP-23937 Error syncing browsable custom ezflow attributes Legacy > Extensions > eZ Content Staging
EZP-23953 Legacy session events not triggered any more 5.x > Legacy IO
EZP-23971 If a user is removed while logged in, session for that user will throw an exception Permissions, Users and Access control
EZP-23978 URLs in legacy_mode lose siteaccess uri when index_page is used Legacy bridge, Platform stack
EZP-24010 Fix PHP version warning: 5.3.3, not just 5.3
EZP-24017 Security token issue using legacy bridge Legacy bridge
EZP-24021 Link is wrong with non-main nodes using 'subtree_array' Legacy > Extensions > eZ Find
EZP-24052 Preview causes redirect to versionview not being able to continue editing Legacy > Extensions > eZ Website Toolbar
EZP-24053 Preview locks content object, and cause version edit conflict Legacy > Extensions > eZ Website Toolbar
EZP-24099 eZ Find not updating Solr index correctly for object relations Legacy > Extensions > eZ Find
EZP-24100 Image content with big multibyte charset names won't be correctly created Content (images, XML, PDF, RSS, etc.)
EZP-24111 ezcontentstaging: zero bytes http responses are not handled as errors Legacy > Extensions > eZ Content Staging
EZP-24113 eZ REST API v1: all eZ log files except error.log are disabled unless DebugOutput=enabled Legacy > REST interface
EZP-24135 Output buffer gets cleared after legacy call 5.x > Legacy IO, Platform > API interfaces
EZP-24141 Double slash in url after having searched a default location for an object relation in class edit module Legacy > Administration Interface
EZP-24154 Overriding template with section_identifier fails when cached Caching, Legacy stack
EZP-24157 eZFlow Block names swapped when moving blocks in layout Legacy > Extensions > eZ Flow
EZP-24197 DOC: ezcache.php --expiry parameter can only be used together with --purge Documentation
EZP-24362 Doc: Upgrade to eZP 5.3.5/5.4.2 missing eZ Find instruction Documentation, Legacy > Extensions > eZ Find