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This page describes features available only in eZ Studio.

As of version 16.02, configuring layouts, zones, and blocks from other bundles is supported.

Learn how to start creating and using a Landing page for your business. This section provides essential information to start working with layout, zones and blocks within the Landing Page.

Landing page

A Landing Page is a page designed to be the visitor's entry point into your website.

Understand the essential concepts of eZ Landing Page

A Landing Page has a customizable layout with multiple zones where you can place predefined blocks with content on Dynamic page. It can be, for example, an article, a photo gallery or a blog post. 

Technically, these are special types of Content items (aka objects). Each single Content item is an instance of a Content Type (a "template"/"blueprint"). This template or blueprint for Content defines Fields and their Field Types. Then they are assigned Field Values when a Content item is created based on this Content Type. Content Type is conceptually similar to a class in object-oriented programming.

In addition to having blocks represent content items, they can also represent any type of content. You can add any number of parameters as input to a block and use this to e.g. display a Youtube video, an RSS feed, external banner advertisement or a Javascript game if you like. You can build a set of re-usable widgets that the editorial team can freely place on Landing Pages, giving the flexibility and power to quickly build engaging Landing Pages without involvement of IT, once the blocks are created.


Define the layout structure of the Landing Page

With the Landing Page FieldType you can define a layout within a single Landing Page. Extend and apply your knowledge by examining the LandingPage FieldType section.


Create and configure layouts and blocks


Apply Landing Pages blocks

Landing Page blocks help you style your pages. You can quickly and easily deploy and customize content elements on a page. You can easily rearrange all deployed elements in any way you like and present the content in a clear and structured manner. For more information refer to the following sections of the User Manual: