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This space will not be updated from now on except for critical fixes.

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eZ Platform "Alpha2" available for testing

13th May 2015

Preview of Platform UI Alpha2 during editing an image

  • Install
  • Requirements (currently same as eZ Publish Platform 5.4)
  • Upgrading: As this is a alpha release, there is no upgrade instructions yet, this is planned for Beta during the Summer.

  • Download: See, or see Install for how to install via composer.

The second alpha release of eZ Platform,15.03, builds upon the 15.01 March release adding additional support for editing- and browsing-capabilities. It also contains several underlying improvements and fixes developed for 5.3.5 and 5.4.2, that has also been released recently.

Next release is planned to be released beginning of June, and will preview several additional features currently not exposed yet.


Besides lots of smaller improvements and fixes found bellow, and mentioned above for the 5.x sub release, the main visual changes are: 

Platform UI Bundle with Universal Discovery Widget


One important feature in eZ Publish, and also now eZ Platform, is being able to browse for content you want to select. In eZ Platform we call this Universal Discovery Widget, and in this release you can see more or less the completion of first part of this with possibility to select by browsing the tree (location structure): EZP-23893 - UDW : Basic tree Closed

This is used for Relation, Relation List and Section assignment selection so far, and before July release we hope to complete this part with inclusion of EZP-24067 - Sub items widget QA

Future tentatively planned ways to browse for content includes:

Summary Updated P Status
UDW - Search Jul 04, 2017 Critical Closed
UDW - recent content Jun 30, 2016 High Open
Content bookmark May 24, 2018 Medium Specification
UDW : ID Jun 30, 2016 Low Open

Demo Bundle with privacy cookie banner

Available in this release is a new PrivacyCookieBundle, providing easy access to setup warning and remembering user input for Privacy banners needed to comply with EU directive commonly referred to as "Cookie law".

Other notable changes

  • EZP-24015 - Improve Language Switcher flags and logic Closed
  • EZP-23730 - As an editor, I want to see the content of the media fields Closed
  • EZP-23816 - As an editor, I want to be able to fill the Relation field Closed
  • EZP-24213 - FullText stopWordThreshold should be percentage of content count Closed



Changes (Stories, Improvements and bug fixes) can be found in our issue tracker:  46 issues  (some are still pending additional documentation changes)

Known issues & upcoming features

  • List of issues specifically affecting this release:  19 issues
  • General "Known issues" in Platform stack compared to Legacy 6 issues
  • Epics tentatively* planned for first stable release:  3 issues
  • Epics tentatively* planned for first LTS release:  0 issue

'* Some of these features will not be in the stable releases, the once we first and foremost will aim for having in the release are those mentioned on the Roadmap.