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This Field Type represents one or multiple countries.

NameInternal nameExpected input


This Field Type makes possible to store and retrieve data representing countries.

PHP API Field Type 

Input expectations


Note: When you set an array directly on Content field you don't need to provide all this information, the Field Type will assume it is a hash and in this case will accept a simplified structure described below under To / From Hash format.


This Field Type validates if the multiple countries are allowed by the field definition, and if the Alpha2 is valid according to the countries configured in eZ Platform.


The field definition of this Field Type can be configured with one option:

NameTypeDefault valueDescription
isMultiplebooleanfalseThis setting allows (if true) or denies (if false) the selection of multiple countries.
Country FieldType example settings

To / From Hash format

The format used for serialization is simpler than the full format, this is also available when setting value on the content field, by setting the value to an array instead of the Value object. Example of that shown below:

Value object content example

The format used by the toHash method is the Alpha2 value, however the input is capable of accepting either Name, Alpha2 or Alpha3 value as shown below in the Value object section.

Value object


The Value class of this field type contains the following properties:

$countriesarray[]This property will be used for the country selection provided as input, as its attributes.
Value object content example

The Country\Value constructor will initialize a new Value object with the value provided. It expects an array as input.

Constructor example