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This Field Type represents an email address, in the form of a string.

NameInternal nameExpected input type


The EmailAddress Field Type stores an email address, which is provided as a string.

PHP API Field Type 

Value object


The Value class of this field type contains the following properties:

$emailstringThis property will be used for the input string provided as email address.
Value object content example

The EmailAddress\Value constructor will initialize a new Value object with the value provided. It accepts a string as input.

Constructor example
String representation

String representation of the Field Type's Value object is the email address contained in it.


Hash format

Hash value for this Field Type's Value is simply the email address as a string.



This Field Type uses the EmailAddressValidator validator as a resource which will test the string supplied as input against a pattern, to make sure that a valid email address has been provided.
If the validations fail a ValidationError  is thrown, specifying the error message.


This Field Type does not support settings.