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We're moving our developer docs to Github and a new site.
The migration is still in progress, so please contact us in #documentation-contrib on eZ Community Slack if you have any questions or feedback.

This space will not be updated from now on except for critical fixes.

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This Field Type represents a relation to a Content item.

NameInternal nameExpected input


This Field Type makes it possible to store and retrieve the value of relation to a Content item.

PHP API Field Type 

Input expectations

integer 150

Value object


The Value class of this Field Type contains the following properties:

$destinationContentIdstring|int|nullThis property will be used to store the value provided, which will represent the related content.
Value object content example

The Relation\Value constructor will initialize a new Value object with the value provided. It expects a mixed value.

Constructor example


This Field Type validates whether the provided relation exists, but before it does that it will check that the value is either string or int.


The field definition of this Field Type can be configured with two options:

NameTypeDefault valueDescription

This setting defines the selection method. It expects an integer (0/1). 0 stands for self::SELECTION_BROWSE, 1 stands for self::SELECTION_DROPDOWN.


NOTE: Dropdown not implemented in Platform UI yet, only browse is used currently.

selectionRootstringnullThis setting defines the selection root.
Relation FieldType example settings

Note: These settings are meant for future use in user interface when allowing users to select relations.