To get an overview of EzPublishCoreBundle's configuration, run the following command-line script:

php ezpublish/console config:dump-reference ezpublish

Default page

This setting is available as of 5.3.2 / 2014.07

Default page is the default page to show or redirect to.

If set, it will be used for default redirection after user login, overriding Symfony's default_target_path, giving the opportunity to configure it by SiteAccess.

            default_page: "/Getting-Started"

            # For admin, redirect to dashboard after login.
            default_page: "/content/dashboard"

This setting does not change anything to Symfony behavior regarding redirection after login. If set, it will only substitute the value set for default_target_path. It is therefore still possible to specify a custom target path using a dedicated form parameter.

Order of precedence is not modified.