This recipe is compatible with eZ Publish 5.2 / 2013.05


PHP 5.4 comes with a built-in webserver for development purpose. This very handy as it makes you kickstart development quickly, getting rid of Apache / Nginx configuration hassle. All you need here is PHP 5.4+ with command line binary.


Symfony comes with a wrapper script for booting the built-in webserver: server:run. It's a nice shortcut as it will correctly set the web root depending on your configuration. However, you can't use it out of the box with eZ Publish for several reasons (i.e. we don't share the same front controllers and we need specific rewrite rules).

Use this command for development purpose only !
DO NOT use it in production !

To be able to run this command for eZ Publish development purpose, we need to use the provided router script which handles all the rewrite rules for you.

The following example will start the webserver on localhost:8000, so you'll be able to run your eZ application by going to http://localhost:8000 from your browser.

php ezpublish/console server:run -r ../bin/ezrouter.php localhost:8000

../bin/ezrouter.php is needed because with server:run command, working directory is web/.