This Twig helper is available as of eZ Publish 5.3 / 2014.03



"input"|ez_file_size() is a Twig helper ( Twig filter ) which is mostly a byte calculator. This will convert a number from byte to the correct suffixe ( from B to EB ). The output pattern will also vary with the current language of the site access ( e.g. choosing between coma or point pattern ).

It returns a String.

The byte factor is 1000 instead of 1024 to be more usual for users.

Prototype and Arguments

 integer number_of_bytes|ez_file_size( integer number_of_decimal   )

Argument nameTypeDescription
number_of_bytesintegerThe number in byte we want to convert
The number of decimal we want our output to have


{{ 42698273|ez_file_size( 3 ) }} //Output with french site access : 42,698 MB

{{ 42698273|ez_file_size( 4 ) }} //Output with english site access : 42.6983 MB