ez_trans_prop() is a generic, low level Twig helper which correct translated value of a multi valued(translations) property. 

If the current language cannot be found as a translation for content, main language (see further down for details) will be used if this is supported by provided object. This behavior is identical when forcing a language using forcedLanguage.

Prototype and Arguments

ez_trans_prop( ValueObject object, string property[, string forcedLanguage)

Argument nameTypeDescription
objecteZ\Publish\Core\Repository\Values\ValueObjectValueObject object property belongs to.
propertystringProperty to get translated value from, logic is using one of the following (in this order):
  • property  "{property}s"
  • method "get{property}
forcedLanguagestringLanguage we want to force (e.g. "eng-US"), otherwise takes prioritized languages from SiteAccess settings.

Main language use

Main language is attempted to be applied in the following way for Value objects that support this:


Example below shows how this function can be used to get the Content name with exact same result as using ez_content_name(content)

<span>{{ ez_trans_prop( versionInfo, "name" ) }}</span>