September 6th 2018

eZ announces the availability of 5.4.12, a maintenance release available for all users of eZ Publish Platform 5.4.

Follow the 5.4.x Update Instructions to apply this update to your platforms.

New setting for protected links

Please note that this release includes a new legacy INI setting:

ezxml.ini [ezxhtml] ShowURLAliasForProtectedLinks

This applies when eZ XML containts links to content that the current user does not have read access to. If it is disabled (the default) then such links are shown as /content/view/full/[nodeID], and clicking them will lead to an access denied page. If the setting is enabled (not recommended), then the links use the URL alias of the content instead. This means that the name of the read-protected content will be exposed, which may not be what the content creator expects. (Clicking the URL alias will still lead to an access denied page.)

Package Details

Package updates

Here are the ezsystems packages that have received an update as part of this release:



Updates and fixes in this release