The following two lists of issues are for legacy (4.x) and Symfony (5.x) stack respectively as eZ Publish 5.x contains both. Legacy has the normal, hallmark stability that users have come to expect since version 4.2, while the new kernel is a bit more on the edge in the first release. The next releases and the service packs for 5.0 will change that, making it as stable as always.

The bug tracker for eZ Publish, from which these lists are extracted, is available at



Known limitation

First level folders or other container objects in your content structure can't have the same name as the existing siteaccesses if you configured your site to use URL access method.
Considering an existing "ezflow_site" siteaccess exists, if you create a folder with the same name and try to access it using http://<your_site>/ezflow_site you will be redirected to the siteaccess instead on accessing your "ezflow_site" folder.
This is actually a known limitation of the URI siteaccess matching.

If you need to use first level folders or other container objects with the same name as any of your siteaccesses we suggest you to use hostname matching instead.
For more details on configuring hostname matching, please check the Siteaccess Matching documentation.